• Project Manager & Project Management Salary Guide

    Earning a Masters of Science in Project Management online can advance your career, regardless of your industry. Individuals with these degrees are ready to progress to the next level and are able to do so while working in their field and immediately applying what they learn.  Corporations, educational institutions and state/governmental agencies all depend on project managers to ensure that they can meet their goals and individuals that are adept at supervising this process and understanding the details are in high demand.

    A snapshot of Program/ Project Management salaries across the country is a good indicator of just how valued these individuals are within their industries.

    Type of Income

    Median Amount*


    $46,916 - $109,585


    $706 - $14,779

    Profit Sharing

    $251 - $10,766


    $1,460 - $24,989

    Total Pay

    $44,711 - $116,046

    *Data from BLS.gov

    A graduate degree in Project Management will ensure current and prospective employers that the individual has the skills to oversee programs and see projects through to completion. This ability is enhanced through additional training on managing resources, strategic and business planning, evaluation and assessment and labor and cost efficiency.  Project Management programs train individuals to understand the big picture as well as the details that go into running a successful project.

    Although the specific area of expertise will depend upon the emphasis of the individual pursing the online degree program, a quality online graduate program in Project Management will include business and communication skills, as well as, leadership training.  Coursework should include planning, management, leadership and assessment. Individuals that earn an MS in Project Management are able to understand both what is necessary to foster success in an individual project or projects and also understand how these projects relate to the larger goals of the company or governing entity.

    Almost any career can benefit from advanced education in Project Management. Individuals in engineering, finance, government contracts, IT, foundations and the arts are all strong candidates for this degree. Although salaries depend largely on the industry, the outlook for many of these careers is strong. For example, the following are median salaries for each occupation:

    • IT project managers -$100,409
    • Product Development managers -$106,095
    • Engineering Manager -$115,608ii 
    • Medical and Health Service Managers -$96,030iii  

    Technical careers are not the only ones that compensate individuals for their expertise in project management. Careers in other sectors also seek out individuals with this critical skill set. Organizational Development consultants in state government earn an annual mean wage of $79, 890 and earn $74,960 annually in colleges and universitiesiv   and Human Resources managers earn $99,180 per year. v 

    An online graduate degree in Project Management benefits most careers and the applications are endless. Individuals in construction, medical and health services, natural sciences and even school principals are all fields that value the expertise ensured by this degree.

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