• Welcome Back Alumni!

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    What sort of memories come to mind when you reflect on your time at Drexel? You can probably still picture the plaques on Lancaster Walk as you ran to class, or how the sun reflected on Drexel’s iconic Mario statue during the springtime. No matter where you go to college, your university is the backdrop for the lifelong memories you create as an undergrad. And since we never want our students to lose sense of their Dragon pride, we make sure to provide our alumni with the most resourceful benefits.

    What are the Educational Benefits of Being a Drexel University Alumni?

    Some things in life can hold people back from pursuing higher education. For starters, your life has most likely changed since your undergrad days at Drexel. Perhaps you’ve moved out of state or have a family now. Maybe you already have a job and your schedule is more jam-packed than ever.

    You’re also learning new ways of balancing your time and your money — two things we think about constantly, and are major components in the decision to continue your education.

    • Tuition savings
      As a Drexel alumni, you and your immediate family members can save 15-30% on your tuition if you decide to enroll in one of our online degree or certificate programs.
    • A walk-in-the-park application process
      It’s no secret that tracking down your old transcripts can be a daunting task. Luckily for all returning Drexel alumni, we already have your transcripts on file! Applying is easy — and we’re always available to answer your questions throughout the process.
    • Hundreds of programs to choose from
      Our growing selection of online programs are taught by top-level professionals, PhD professors, and scholarly experts. These programs are designed to help you meet your professional and academic goals.

    Earning a master’s, doctorate, or any one of our online certificates is a compelling and lucrative way to invest not only in yourself, but in your future. Along with your alumni benefits, you’ll still have access to all of the helpful resources you had during undergrad:

    • A team of dedicated academic advisors
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Endless networking opportunities

    Your path to success started with Drexel, why not continue it with Drexel?