• Will My Credits Transfer?

  • Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can I transfer all my previous college credits?

    In short, it depends. If you’re interested in one of Drexel University’s online programs, we encourage you to apply to Drexel, as accepted students receive a full evaluation of transfer credits. Keep in mind there’s no fee to apply and completing the application usually takes less than 10 minutes. Upon submission, additional resources are available to help you gather your supporting documents. Enrollment counselors are always available to assist with any questions.

    Here are the general guidelines for transferring credits to Drexel:

    • With the exception of the College of Medicine, Drexel runs on a quarter academic calendar as opposed to the traditional semester schedule.
    • The number of credits you can transfer depends on the program.
    • Credits transferred must be from a regionally accredited institution.
    • The grade you received for a class matters. In most cases, a grade of C or better will be considered; however, some nursing programs require a B or better.
    • You’ll have the opportunity to review which credits will transfer before you make any commitments.
    • Drexel University Online’s enrollment counselors are not able to make transfer credit decisions. The final decisions will be made by the program’s academic advisor once you’re accepted into the program.
    • If you’re applying for a graduate program, you must specifically request a transfer credit evaluation.

    Most Colleges at Drexel are on a quarter credit system. Will I be able to convert my semester credit hours?

    Yes! Note: The College of Medicine is on a semester credit system.

  • Use our quarter to semester credit converter to calculate the difference.
  • To which programs can I transfer credits, and how many?

    Bachelor’s Degrees*


    Number of credits you can transfer

    120 quarter credits (equivalent to 80 semester credits)

    135 quarter credits (equivalent to 90 semester credits)

    135 quarter credits (equivalent to 90 semester credits)

    90 quarter credits (equivalent to 60 semester credits)

    90 quarter credits (equivalent to 60 semester credits)

    135 quarter credits (equivalent to 90 semester credits)

    135 quarter credits (equivalent to 90 semester credits)

    135 quarter credits (equivalent to 90 semester credits)

    135 quarter credits (equivalent to 90 semester credits

    *Credits from any regionally accredited intuition of higher learning with a grade of C or better will be considered. Some nursing degrees require a grade of B or better. Most transfer credits will fulfill general education requirements, and will not replace major coursework.

    Master's Degrees

    Graduate transfer credit must be approved by the graduate advisor of the program in which the student is enrolled. A maximum of 15 quarter credits (10 semester credits) may be transferred into a Drexel University graduate program. At least 30 graduate quarter credits of any master's degree program must be taken at Drexel.

    Drexel is regionally accredited and my credits are from a nationally accredited university. Does that matter?

    It does. Drexel University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Only credits from other regionally accredited universities will be evaluated for transfer.

    Regionally accredited higher education institutions have stricter standards than nationally accredited schools for criteria such as faculty qualifications and library resources. Learn more about regional vs. national accreditation.

    Does the grade I received in a course matter when I try to transfer it?

    In most cases, a grade of C or better will be considered, however some nursing programs require a B or better. Be sure to check the program page of the online degree you are interested in for grade requirements.

    My last college class was completed over 10 years ago. Will those credits transfer?

    In general, Drexel University does not accept transfer credits for technical courses taken more than 10 years ago, but may accept credit for older general education courses. Programs may vary so we suggest submitting your application for an official transfer credit evaluation.

    Does work experience count as college credit?

    No, work experience does not count as college credit. However, some of our degrees require a resume. Please be sure to include your full work history as we’ll take it into consideration along with the rest of your application.

    Why won’t some of my credits transfer?

    Here are a few reasons why Drexel University will not accept transfer credits:

    • The course was not taken at a regionally accredited university
    • The grade was lower than what is accepted for that program
    • The course was completed over 10 years ago
    • The program’s academic advisor did not deem the course equivalent to a current course or relevant to the current program

    The best way to find out if your credits will transfer is to apply to Drexel. The application process is free and you’ll get a credit transfer evaluation with no obligation to enroll.

    What qualifies as a general education course?

    General education courses, typically completed within the first two years of an undergraduate program, include arts and humanities, literature, history, mathematics, science, and social sciences. This set of standard classes can go by many other names, including core curriculum or shared experience.

    What is a per credit rate?

    Drexel University’s tuition is based on cost per credit and each program has its own rate. You will not be charged for any credits that are transferred from a previous institution. Learn more about financing your education at Drexel.

    Does Drexel University Online have any partnerships or articulation agreements with community colleges?

    Yes, Drexel University Online is partnered with over 35 community colleges nationwide, and offers special tuition savings to current students, graduates, and staff members from those partner colleges. In addition, Drexel has articulation agreements with several community colleges for specific programs.