• Letters of Recommendation for Drexel University Admission

    We encourage you to select and contact recommenders as soon as possible since writing letters requires a commitment of time from busy professionals with competing demands.

    Considerations on processing and receiving materials due to coronavirus (COVID-19)
    At this time Drexel University’s campus is closed and therefore we are not able to process application documents received through U.S. Postal mail, or courier service (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.) We strongly recommend you submit all official transcripts and supportive documentation digitally to applyduonline@drexel.edu. If you are not able to send official transcripts at this time, you may digitally send us unofficial transcripts; however, we will require you to submit official transcripts prior to enrolling at Drexel University. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time at Drexel and around the world. We will process all documents as soon as we receive them, but please expect some delays.

    Preferred Method of Submission


    • Your recommender should attach the letter and email it to applyDUonline@drexel.edu
      • If your recommender does not have a letter prepared, they may use this Recommendation Form as a guide. The recommender must fill out and save this form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the latest Acrobat Reader.
      • We do not accept Google Docs or Microsoft One Drive documents 
    • For verification purposes, they should use their professional or academic email account
    • We recommend checking the Discover Drexel Portal to confirm that the letter was received by our office

    Alternate Methods

    Electronic Recommendation Service

    • Fill out the request form
    • You'll receive an email asking you to verify that the information you submitted is correct
    • An electronic reference form will be emailed to your recommenders
      • We suggest reaching out to them to ensure the form was received
      • To limit the chance of the form being marked as SPAM, they can add ELORSupport@drexel.edu to their contacts
    • You'll receive a notification email once your recommender has submitted the form

    Mailed Paper Letters

    • Must include an ink signature and arrive in the original sealed envelope
    • You may supply this Recommendation Form to your recommender as a guide. Your recommender must fill out and save this form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can supply this link to your recommender for Acrobat Reader: https://get.adobe.com/reader/  
    • Please use one of the following addresses:

    US Mail
    Drexel University Online
    PO Box 34729
    Philadelphia, PA 19101

    Express Mail
    Drexel University Online
    3025 Market Street
    Suite 40
    Philadelphia, PA 19104 

    Guide to Getting Started

    The following guide will help you get the best recommendations possible in plenty of time to meet your deadline. Download as a PDF.

    Infographic guiding prospective online students on letters of recommendation. Created by Drexel University Online.