• Drexel University Readmission Process

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    If you've previously attended Drexel University, you may need to apply for readmission in order to enroll in our online programs.

    How do I know whether I need to apply for readmission?

    You need to apply for readmission if you meet any of the following criteria:

    • I was academically dismissed, not reinstated, and did not return for four or more consecutive quarters/three or more semesters*
    • I took a leave of absence for four or more quarters/three or more semesters
    • I have not registered for courses or been enrolled for four or more consecutive quarters/three or more consecutive semesters (one full academic year)

    You do NOT need to apply for readmission if you meet any of the following criteria:

    • I did not officially withdraw from Drexel AND have not been enrolled in classes for less than a year (four consecutive quarters or three consecutive semesters)
    • I am a current student who wishes to change my program
    • I have graduated, or am a previous non-degree, non-matriculated, or visiting student applying to a degree granting program
    • I have only previously enrolled as a graduate/professional student at Drexel and am now looking to attend an undergraduate program

    *Students who have been permanently dismissed are not eligible for readmission.

    Okay, I meet one of the readmission criteria above, what next?

    • Apply as a new applicant by the program deadline, selecting "readmit student" as your status
    • If you are an alumni, military, or employee/member of one of Drexel's partner organizations and qualify for a tuition savings, be sure to note your affiliation in the Affiliation Information section of the application

    What do I need to prepare before applying for readmission?

    • Resolve any current holds on my record
    • The most common holds are financial, academic, and judicial (student conduct). To learn if you have a hold, please log in via DrexelOne.
    • Contact Drexel Central to re-establish my financial aid (if applicable)
    • Have a list of any academic institutions I attended while away from Drexel and request my official transcripts from those institutions
      • TIP: Request official transcripts early as they can take some time to process and arrive
    • Prepare my readmission statement (graduate readmission only)
    • Discuss your interest in readmission, what you have been doing since last attending, and whether you left in good standing

    *The review process may take a few weeks, therefore we recommend you complete your readmission application two months prior to the start of the term.


    If you have additional questions or technical difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Admissions Representatives: