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  • Drexel University has a plethora of online educational programs. Each program comes from one of Drexel’s top-ranked colleges, including Arts and Sciences, Business, Computing and Informatics, Education, Engineering, Law, Media Arts and Design, Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions, Public Health, and Professional Studies. Each program is engineered to provide the skills you need to excel on a professional and personal level.

    Drexel University is fully dedicated to providing you with every opportunity to make major changes in your career development. For the thousands of employers who have hired Drexel’s alumni, the difference is clear: Drexel students are prepared to make an immediate impact throughout their entire careers. Come see for yourself why Drexel is consistently ranked one of the best online colleges in the country. Select a college below to search through Drexel’s online programs: 

    In light of the booming internet revolution, the number of online colleges has catapulted in the last decade, with an increasing number of accredited institutions being founded each year. Of course, with this rise in online university volume naturally comes the demand for meritocracy. Drexel has acquired a reputation of educational excellence not only by employing instructors who care about the quality of your education, but also by offering support in a multitude of ways.

    The university offers numerous, study abroad opportunities for those enrolled in its virtual curriculum, many of which have been integrated directly into the courses themselves. These opportunities put the university’s experiential learning at the top of the list.

    Whichever program you end up enrolling in, you are bound to forge long-lasting relationships with friends and colleagues around the world. This is what truly makes a Drexel education priceless. Please feel free to contact a Drexel representative as we look forward to propelling your career to new heights.