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  • Engineers are responsible for discovering innovative and practical solutions to various real world problems, and can be found in virtually every industry. While traditional engineering is subdivided into four key areas (Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, and Civil); the field has since expanded to include Geotechnical and Management engineers. Each of these sectors is further divided into numerous categories, all of which serve a definitive function

    Drexel University’s College of Engineering caters to a large number of subsets, and is widely recognized as the third largest private engineering college in the country. As a Drexel engineering student, you’re able to choose from multiple, highly ranked programs, each of which is taught by Drexel’s team of world-class faculty members and educators. You’ll receive the same level of prestigious education online as you would in a conventional classroom, with the added benefit of acquiring your online engineering degree at your convenience.

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    Most students planning to get their engineering degree online already have their Bachelors. Drexel offers many different graduate programs online, including advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Engineering Management.

    Whichever specialization you’re considering, Drexel has an ideal program for your higher education and certification needs. Engineering is a rewarding field that presents you with new and exciting challenges every day. It provides ample career opportunities, continual learning, and excellent financial security regardless of industry. Engineers have some of the highest job satisfaction rates in the world, and Drexel is one of the best colleges to get an online engineering degree.

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