• How Do Employers View Online Degrees vs On-Campus Degrees?

  • Academic experts, employers and recruiting professionals agree that to maximize the value of one’s credentials through online learning, the chosen program must meet three criteria. The learning institution must be regionally accredited, have a traditional campus, and encompass a reputable academic brand.

    The infographic below explains how students benefit from accredited online degrees based on these criteria and the changing perception of online universities. The trio of credibility qualifiers in the infographic assures students earning a degree online that they are getting the most from their education experience; proving that it’s not how you earn your degree, but where you earn your degree.

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    Full infographic on how employers view online degrees vs. traditional degrees created by Drexel University Online


    As a highly regarded learning institution from its origins in 1891, Drexel University has showcased academic excellence via its online programs since 1996. With regional and national accreditation, a beautiful campus in Philadelphia, and a proud academic heritage for over a century, Drexel boasts an exceptional and diverse online curriculum for its students. Meeting these three criteria has allowed for Drexel University to offer online bachelor’s and master’s degrees that give students a competitive advantage for future employment.

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