• Communication Degrees

    Drexel University’s online communication degree program focuses on providing you with an extensive knowledge of the nature of communicative processes as they happen at the personal level, in the media, and beyond. As a student in the program, you'll learn how people use messages to generate, regenerate, modify and interpret meanings across various contexts and mediums. 

    You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of human communication through rigorous courses in theory and method. You'll also hone your rhetorical skills within practical applications in various channels of media, learning how to dissect and rearrange the greater structures of communication and employ those structures to the end of successfully reaching a target audience. You'll learn from some of the most highly-regarded instructors in the field alongside students who aspire to even greater heights. With a Drexel University online education, you’ll learn from the best, with the best. Learn more today.

    Every organization needs skilled communicators – the ability to communicate effectively will be incredibly valuable for any career path you choose and Drexel’s online communication degree program will provide you with the skillset to stand out among the rest to prospective employers.

    Communication is integral to connection, but that’s just where it starts. As a graduate of Drexel’s online communication degree program, you'll find the door open to a world of career possibilities. The field of communication is inherently vast, intersecting disciplines within social sciences, as well as business, marketing, and advertising. Whether you’re managing the flow of information as a public relations representative, conveying written information as a written or video journalist or creating content for the ever-expanding realm of social media, our curriculum will allow you the freedom to choose a path that is uniquely you. 

    The interdisciplinary curriculum of Drexel University’s online communication degree program provides you with more than a degree – as a graduate, you'll gain a sense of personal enrichment beyond just a multitude of career opportunities. Our accredited online programs are taught by faculty recognized the world over for its excellence. Develop the edge you need to set yourself apart and propel yourself towards a future only you can write.