• Making the Most of Career Resources

  • Although career advancement may seem like a daunting process, there are more than a few career resources at your disposal, to help you effectively navigate advancement, while also increasing your value as an outstanding professional asset.

    Tap Into Your Network

    Ask yourself who you know, and how they might help you both now and in the future. Building a solid professional network to support, guide, and assist you will pay huge dividends when you need it. Career planning includes keeping in touch with past contacts as well in case you ever need to tap into your network!

    Know Your Industry

    Search the Internet for resources, like Career Guide to Industries and CareerOneStop, that provide plenty of inside information about your industry – the major players and overall employment outlook, as well as available jobs, emerging trends, and potential challenges.

    Likewise, subscribe to publications, join professional organizations, and go on informational interviews to learn more about what makes your industry tick. You should also research current positions in your field to determine what skills, training, and experience are in highest demand.

    Use the Tools

    There is a plethora of effective career planning resources to use through every step of your career advancement process – from career assessments, job skills inventories and resume templates, to portfolio and website builders.

    For example, Hloom.com provides tools for job-seekers who want to develop an effective resume or a multi-media professional portfolio. And Strikingly.com makes it incredibly easy to build a free and visually powerful website for developing a powerful personal brand.

    Additional Resources