• Personal Branding

  • Career expert John Carvana from the Steinbright Career Development Center, offers up a wealth of advice to make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward on the career ladder.

    Your personal brand is an authentic representation of what makes you uniquely you. Your passions, perspectives and values; the photos on your Facebook page, the clothes you wear, the way you introduce yourself—all of these things convey your essence. In a world where first impressions can be make or break, building a powerful personal brand pays dividends when it comes to career advancement.

    Inventory Your Attributes

    In building your personal brand, begin by taking a thorough inventory of your skills and motivators. Once you have it down pat, practice communicating your attributes effectively to others – both visually and verbally. Personal branding starts with having an understanding of your attributes.

    Develop a Personal Brand Statement with Collateral

    Your personal brand statement should be no longer than two or three compelling sentences that accurately summarize your value to prospective employers. Likewise, be sure to develop and regularly update career collateral, such as business cards, resumes and your LinkedIn profile.

    Curious how to develop your personal brand? Remember, you're essentially a company of one, so it never hurts to go above and beyond. For example, get professional headshots taken every couple of years or work on creating your own website.

    Network to Enhance

    Maintaining a solid personal brand includes effective networking. Cultivate new relationships and nurture existing ones by consistently showing up, following through and staying connected.

    4 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand