• Goal Setting

  • In today’s competitive job market, an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to navigating the increasingly complex world of career advancement. In fact, thinking like an entrepreneur empowers you to take charge of your career trajectory by providing you with a blueprint for professional achievement.

    Set Achievable Personal Goals

    Effective personal goal-setting is a critical component of entrepreneurial leadership. The same goes for career advancement. This means setting personal goals that are both achievable and clearly defined, with measurable objectives and benchmarks. The more quantifiable the goal, the easier it will be to measure! Don’t forget to not only set personal goals, but also to set goals at work.

    Push the Envelope

    Like any good entrepreneur, you should always be on the lookout for new ways to add value for your employer. Be the first to take on projects that push the envelope in ways that showcase your skills. Career advancement opportunities come more quickly to those willing to take the reins more readily.

    Become Your Own Best Advocate

    As great negotiators and networkers, entrepreneurs are well-practiced at advocating their value and making the right connections. So don’t be afraid to promote your own major accomplishments, while also negotiating for what you want in return for your hard work. And proactively cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals, who are willing to champion your unique skills and achievements.